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Modgraph ActiveX Chemical-Drawing Control

The Challenge

Most chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have standardised on a program for drawing chemical structures, typically ISIS/Draw from MDL or ChemDraw from CambridgeSoft. If your company needs to enter chemical structures into a program not developed by these vendors, for example to enter structures into a chemical database or to connect to an analytical application, what do you do? You certainly don’t want to force your chemists to learn a new structure drawing program.

MCChem: The Independent Solution

Modgraph Consultants Ltd have created an independent solution for such a problem: MCChem. This ActiveX control means that you can continue to use the structure drawing program of your choice. Different chemists in the same organisation can even use different drawing packages with the same backend database or analytical application. Simply specify whether you want ISIS/Draw or ChemDraw to be your default drawing package. Other drawing packages can be integrated if required.

System Architecture

MCChem runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP or in a Web application. It can be used to communicate with chemical databases stored on either Linux or Unix (IRIX or Solaris) servers (additional server component required).