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Computer Software and Consultancy
for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Modgraph Consultants Ltd. are an international software company specialising in the pharmaceutical industry, offering software solutions in chemistry, cheminformatics and molecular modeling. We provide "turnkey" software solutions, as well as custom and semi-custom applications to fit your unique needs.

We have extensive experience in chemical information and the subtleties of chemical structure representation as well as integration of propriety systems from different suppliers. Our MGChem suite provides unprecedented power for your chemistry information needs, far more than just "cheminformatics."

NMRPredict NMRPredict combines the work of three of the leading names in NMR prediction into one reliable combined NMR prediction program.
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Chemical Registration Far more than "cheminformatics" - Manage your company's knowledge base. Solves the hard problems, such as structural novelty and stereochemical uncertainty, manages your company's registration "workflow" process and business rules.
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Chemical Supplier Catalogues A unique cost effective way to access chemical supplier catalogues.
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Structure Drawing Control ISIS/Draw? ChemDraw? MDLDraw? The MCChem ActiveX control lets you continue to use the structure drawing program of your choice. Different chemists in the same organisation can even use different drawing packages with the same backend database or analytical application.
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DocScan Search for chemical structures in your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
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Imaging Suite A suite of programs to generate images of molecular structures in a wide variety of circumstances and formats.
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