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C13 Text and Structure Search

NMRPredict offers the most powerful C13 text and structure/sub-structure search capabilities on the market today. With the text and structure/sub-structure search program you can search by:

  • Exact structure
  • Sub-structure
  • Combination of partial structures or sub-structures
  • Compound name. Note that adding more than one name such as "methyl" and "benz" will search for the strings "methyl" and "benz" anywhere in the name and in any order
  • Author
  • Remark
  • Molecular weight range
  • Molecular formula range
  • Source ID range (for user created databases)
  • User created fields such as structure ID, spectrum ID and chemist ID
  • All searches work on the logical AND principle. The more search fields you enter the more refined the search

Example of a name search for "methyl" and "benz"

Example of a structure search for a combination of partial sub-structures

Example of a search by author and sub-structure

Example of a search by author and molecular weight range

Example of a search by combination of partial sub-structures and molecular formula range