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C13 NMR Peak Search and Mixture Analysis

NMRPredict offers the most powerful peak search capabilities on the market today. With the peak search program you can:

  • Import a peak list directly from Mnova or enter peak positions manually
  • Optionally add multiplicity information
  • Set a tolerance. You can set the same tolerance for all peaks or set a different tolerance for each peak
  • Set the minimum number of co-incident lines you want to match
  • Set the minimum and maximum number of peaks to be present in the database entries
  • Run both a line-by-line and a pattern recognition algorithm called SAHO simultaneously. Three hit lists will be returned, one for each search technique and one with only the results common to both searches
  • Results are sorted by the coincidence between the query spectrum and the reference spectrum from the database
  • Results can be displayed one at a time or via a tiled view of the structures
  • Mixtures can also be searched - line-by-line search is a powerful tool for sophisticated mixture analysis
  • If you have built your own databases with the NMRPredict DBA program you can choose to search any combination of commercial and user created databases

Example of a peak search for a pure compound

Example of a peak search for a mixture

Tiled view of structures after a peak search

The structures are sorted according to a hit-quality factor, which is given in the upper left corner, showing the coincidence between your query spectrum and the reference spectrum retrieved from the database.